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How To Use Our Embeddable Cufflink

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Step 1

Begin by setting the tabbed cufflink mount into fresh metal clay (minimum 4 cards thick) as shown in photo 1A. Push into clay until the base of the mount is in con- tact with the clay as shown in photo 1B.

Step 2

After the cufflink mount has been set into the clay, you may notice voids in the metal clay where the tabs entered the clay, as shown in photo 2A, indicated by the red arrow. Using a small amount of metal clay, fill these voids and smooth us- ing a colour shaper tool and a very small amount of water as shown in photo 2B.

Step 3

After filling the voids and smoothing the metal clay against the cufflink mount, as shown in photo 3, fire according to the metal clay manufacturer’s recommended firing schedule.

Step 4

After firing, align the cufflink finding with the embedded mount by tipping it to fit between the hold down clamps of the mount, as shown in photo 4A. Once inserted between the clamps of the mount, tip the cufflink to a vertical position, as shown in photo 4B.

Step 5

While holding the cufflink in the vertical position, squeeze the mount clamps closed, preferably using parallel action pliers, until the cufflink finding is securely captured and locked into place, as shown in photo 5B. Your cufflink is now ready for use.