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We have seven types of Crimping Plier available. Five are variations on the conventional crimping plier, the other two are the Magical Crimping Plier.

CrimpingWe favour using crimp tubes rather than crimp beads as in our experience the tube type will grip the wire better and give a neater crimp. Additionally we always recommend the use of a Crimping Plier rather than just squashing the crimp tube flat with chain nose pliers. If this latter course of action is taken the crimp may well break at the edges or more importantly fail to grip the beading wire successfully. The next consideration for the tubes is that they must be made from seamless tubing. If the tube is seamed, and this may not always be visible in plated crimp tubes, the seam can tear the wire or split apart in the crimping operation. All our sterling silver and gold filled crimp tubes are made from seamless tubing.

The conventional style Crimping Plier, except the Euro Crimper, has two notches in the jaws. The notch nearest the handles is the crimping notch, the notch at the tip is the rounding notch. The Euro Crimper has two crimping notches to enable one plier to handle multiple crimp sizes. To make a neat and secure crimp it is important to match the crimp size you need to use to the right Crimping Plier.

  • T-MCRP Micro Crimping Plier Use for 1 x 1 mm crimps
  • T-CRP Crimping Plier Use for; 1.5 x 2mm, 2 x 1mm, 2 x 2mm, 2 x 3mm crimps
  • T-JCRP Jumbo Crimping Plier Use for 3 x 3mm crimps

T-EUCRP Euro Crimping Plier Can be used with 2mm and 3mm diameter crimps

See our guide on how to successfully crimp with conventional Crimping Pliers

The Magical Crimping Pliers work in a different way in that there is only one notch in the jaw. These pliers will only work with 2 x 2mm crimps and two different flex wire sizes. The green handled plier T-MAGCRP014 will only produce a satisfactory crimp on 0.014/0.015” wire, the purple handled plier will only work with 0.018/0.019” wire

See our guide on how to successfully crimp with Magical Crimping Pliers